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Headwaters BBQ

Headwaters BBQ Firehole Hot Hot Sauce.

Headwaters BBQ Firehole Hot Hot Sauce.

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Warning This sauce is very very hot!! Enjoy with care.

Brozeman, Montana

This BBQ sauce is a delicious (on the sweet side)  BBQ Sauce that will stick and caramelize on your ribs, chicken, pork, beef, sausage or whatever you want to throw on the grill. The flavor is just as fantastic as all the rest of Headwaters sauces with one big difference,,, THIS ONE IT HOT!!!  I really didn't think there was much heat at first taste so I poured another big spoonful and downed it.  At that point my lips, mouth and all the way down started burning and didn't stop.  I knew right then this was going to be a hot one that all the heat lovers will love.  I put a few wings on the grill and used this sauce and my anticipation was not disappointed.  They were perfectly barbecued with that great Headwaters BBQ flavor.  The brown sugar in this sauce caramelized in every nook and cranny to make the wings a sticky mess. (in a good way).  But the flavor didn't stop there.  It started to heat up and keep a wonderful full mouth burn with a smoky sweet after tone we all love. You can tame down the heat by not adding as much sauce to you cooking, or ramp it up and keep the burn alive. The heat is provided by crusher red pepper, habanero and scorpion peppers. 



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